12.21.12: Your Business and the End of the World

According to some, tomorrow is the end of the world. At least that's their take on what the Mayans had to say, oh, millennia ago. (It's not like any of the 'experts' were there, so we have to take their word for it.)

Now, to be fair, there are lots of folks who are alive and kicking now who regularly spout that it's the end of the world. Some of them even ask for your money while they're doing their proclaiming. (I've never figured out whether they believe they'll need it 'on the other side' or if it's just hedging their bets if they stay on this side...but then I'm a cynic about that stuff.)

So, let's take a quick look at how this works to your benefit...not the going out and proclaiming part. Just the end of the world.

When you read or hear about people diagnosed with terminal illnesses, they often include stories about taking the time to change all the things in their lives they want to change - before it's too late.

Whether it's spending more time with family and friends, going skydiving or climbing a mountain, they understand time for the commodity and currency that it is. And, with that understanding, they invest it in changing everything they can while it's in their control.

No matter how much or how little they may have - of time or control.

We hear or read those stories and we think about how brave those people are. How courageous. And how lucky that they took the time they had to change the things they could and end their lives on their terms.

Think of the Mayan Calendar that way - and then think of your business that way everyday. It's giving you the opportunity to see time for the commodity and currency it is - if you use it accordingly.

Businesses are afraid of change. The people inside businesses are afraid of change. It's messy. You're not sure of the outcome before whatever you're changing has changed...let alone what it feels and looks and acts like while you're going through the change. Just like life.

But the brave do change their businesses - from the internal workings to the external customer experience. They look at their businesses - whether a front-line employee or sitting in the C-Suite - and they wonder how they can make it better for those they work with and those they impact.

They do their jobs on their terms and stop doing it the same way as before. They know it didn't work - for them, for their customers, for society. They decide to be brave.

Now it's your turn. Be brave. Because you can.