Wells Capital Management

James Paulson, Global Opportunity and the Entrepreneurs' Challenge

Watching CNBC today (and, yes, I'm a near-addict), it was heartening to hear James Paulsen's optimistic perspective on the economy and its direction - particularly for the developed nations.

If you're not familiar with Paulsen, he's the Chief Investment Strategist for Wells Capital Management (you can read his bio here) and has been providing his Economic and Market Perspective commentary for over twenty-five years at no cost.

(Reading Paulsen is much like reading Warren Buffett's annual Letter to Shareholders - a must-read for both information and perspective.)

There was a lot Paulsen took on but the biggest takeaway for entrepreneurs is that we should think of the current trade deficit as our investment in creating new markets in emerging countries.  Now, as they have and continue to build their countries into consumer-driven, middle class economies, it's time for us to reap the benefits of that investment.

He thinks we can see at least a 1% GDP growth in the developed countries simply by expanded export into the emerging economies.

Your challenge is to figure out what you have to offer and how to make your way into those economies.

If he's right (and he's got quite the track record of success), you'll see a win in both your foreign and domestic sales - because, at that point, all economies will be growing.

As for the slow build we've been experiencing?  Not a worry, according to Paulsen.  This is typical of the long-term recoveries we've seen after other major downturns.

The biggest obstacle we face is fear - and it's up to us to face it down by doing what entrepreneurs do best.  Create new worlds.

So go - now - and do what you do best.  Figure out how you're going to create your global success.  It's what's next.