Make 'em Miss You - Big Time

When I read Al Sklover's blog post "18 Non-Volatile Reasons to Offer a Bully Boss When Resigning" , it reminded me of something else I read a lot of years ago:
When you're leaving - make sure you give your boss every reason in the world to know exactly what he or she is going to be missing when you're gone.

Now, this advice was delivered in a much more civilized fashion.  It came from Letitia Baldrige's Complete Guide to Executive Manners.  Baldrige was the sister of the man for whom the US Quality Excellence Award was named (that's Malcolm) - and, most importantly, the White House Social Secretary to Jacqueline Kennedy.

You've got to figure she knows of which she speaks.

Her guidance is that when you write your letter of resignation, make sure you lay out - in detail - what you've achieved on behalf of the organization during your tenure.  Quantify.  Specify.  Put it in bullet points.

But, whatever you do, make sure you'll make them miss you.  Big time.  Even before you go.

And in Karen from Brisbane, Australia's case - particularly because her boss is a bully - the letter will do double duty.

Because at exactly the same time she's showing her bully boss why he's going to miss her, she's repairing any damage having worked for a bully has done to her while she was there.