First, Society. Why Japan Will Recover.

Before I took my first trip to Japan, one of my Sony hosts decided that it was important that I understand some of the nuances of Japanese thinking that he believed would more greatly assist me both in that trip and in the work I was about to start doing for the company.

It wasn't about corporate facts.  It was the way that the Japanese are taught - from earliest childhood - to understand society and their place in it.  As he explained, once you understood that, everything else - every decision made - flowed from there.

It was:

     First, Society.
     Second, Corporation.
     Third, Family.
     Fourth, Individual.

The logic, he explained to me, was that maintaining, protecting and building the society was always foremost - and that everything from the corporations' to individuals' life decisions were not only secondary, but specifically designed to always support the level above and, as a result, always support the societal goals.

That's why, even though we're not hearing as much about the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami - and will hear even less over time - we should not be surprised at the speed at which the country recovers from this devastating experience.

Japan and its people know what their real responsibility is:  To support each other and a greater good that is Japanese society.

I, like others, continue to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone - both in Japan and out - who are affected by this tragedy.

But, my money remains on Japan.  I know that country and I know that they will rise like a phoenix from these ashes.  Just as they have in the past.