Why you really should be reading John Paczkowski

Ebay has announced that it's splitting the company in two. PayPal will soon be a completely separate entity.

Okay, that's the news part of this post. The really interesting part, though, is why you really need to be reading John Paczkowski's "Code/Red" column each weekday.

In an article entitled, "eBay to Spin Off PayPal With New CEOs for Two Publicly Traded Companies," parent publication Re/Code presented the news this way:
"After resisting activist shareholder pressure to do so earlier this year, online commerce giant eBay said today that it plans to separate its eBay e-commerce business from its PayPal payments unit, creating two independent publicly traded companies."
That was written by Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of Re/Code. She is - rightfully and often - cited as the scariest woman in the Silicon Valley. She's honest and forthright and has been telling the truth about what's going on...and by whom...in the Valley and tech sector since the 1990s.

The article does what it should do. It informs. It engages. It's slightly snarky. It makes you want to read more on Re/Code by Swisher and their other writers.

But when she and her Co-Executive Editor, Walt Mossberg, wanted a very specific voice and take on the Valley and sector, the person they both wanted was John Paczkowski. Here's why.

In his Code/Red post on the same topic, he wrote:
"Carl Icahn is even more insufferably smug than usual today. After months of rebuffing Icahn's calls to spin off PayPal, eBay said this morning that it would do just that, creating two independent publicly traded companies next year. EBay's shares are soaring on the announcement, and Icahn's stake in the company along with them. The cantankerous billionaire is eBay's sixth-biggest shareholder, with nearly 31 million shares, about a 2.5 percent stake in the company. EBay shares are up about eight percent as I write this, which means Icahn's stake is worth about $140 million more now than it was yesterday at market close."
The title of the post is "Carl Icahn to eBay: Great Transaction! Highly Recommended! A+++ Fast Payment!!!!"

You gotta love it.

I always recommend reading. When it comes to business, I also always recommend reading about industries that aren't yours so that you know what the rest of the business world is doing and thinking about.

Add Paczkowski to your reading list...Re/Code, too. You'll learns a lot - and have lots of laughs in the process.