Why "Would You Like Fries With That" Is Now the Wrong Question

Get ready, kids, because today we're taking on Customer Service and why what was won't work much longer, if at all even now.

Here's the situation:

Go to a McDonald's anytime after breakfast and you'll hear the same question:
"Would you like fries with that?"
It's a good question...and, in customer service land, it was a game changer - simply because it codified how to create the outcome they were seeking.

What they want: For you to buy more.

Now, you're saying, we already know that.  What's new? Well, let's take a look at another example:

Go to a grocery store, make your purchase with a debit card and you'll see a very different question pop up on the transaction screen:
"Would you like cash back?"
That's a good question, too - in this case because in a simple and easy way it creates a positive outcome for the customer. They're offering something for you.  Something that doesn't cost them anything but creates a feel-good factor - simply because they thought of your needs and found a way to fulfill them using their resources.

What they want: For you to come back.

In the world we're in today, your version of customer service can't be about you.  It has to be about your customer and figuring out what they need.  What they want.  What will make them happy - preferably at low or no cost to you but good feelings from them.

That's why it's not about fries.  It's all about what you're giving back.