Vaynerchuk, Having Chops and the Question of Expertise

It's a funny thing.

A few days ago Gary Vaynerchuk, the social media expert and consultant (among other things), did an interview with Tech Crunch TV during which, in part, he talked about the 99.5% of 'experts' in the social media space being nothing of the kind.

In fact, he called them 'clowns.'

That has gotten him a lot of kickback.  A lot.  Enough that he decided to put up a separate video clarifying - but not stepping back from - what he meant.  (It's at the bottom of this post.)

Two things here.  First, he's absolutely correct - and not just about social media.

The reality is, when a new business opportunity presents itself or a new space opens up, a lot of people who know some stuff but who are not, in fact, experts present themselves to organizations as if they are.  Experts.

It does the particular space as well as the clients a real disservice.  It's expensive and it can be dangerous. (I've seen newly minted "management consultants" put businesses out of business.)

As Vaynerchuk states (and I love this expression), the experts you hire need to have 'business chops' as well as simple knowledge of social media mechanisms.  You want to bring people in who can help your business - not just get you up on Facebook, et al.

So, whether you're hiring or contracting - be smart.  Most important, be knowledgeable about what you need and want in your social media strategy.

Second, a rather timely announcement.

I have applied my business chops to the arena of social media in my new Working Paper, "Using Social Media to Differentiate Yourself - Locally and Globally."  It will help you with your strategic thinking as you figure out how to use this amazing new world to create and build new worlds of your own.

It won't tell you how to get up on or better use Facebook and the rest - but it will advise you on how to position yourself to get the biggest organizational bang for your social media buck.