The Facebook-Google Thing

Okay, I don't know why anyone is surprised.  This was just waiting to happen.

If you don't know the story, Facebook hired a PR firm to slime Google with journalists - anonymously.  (That's the expurgated version.)

The goal on Facebook's part, of course, was to make Google look bad.  The opposite has occurred.  Facebook now looks like a coward and a cheat.

But how can I say that I'm surprised anyone is surprised?

Easy.  It's because:

  1. From the first, Facebook has had little to no respect for anyone's privacy - from their users to, evidently, now, their competitors.
  2. It has been a consistent problem - from Day One - that when Facebook changes its privacy policies, it does as little as possible (or nothing) to ensure that users understand the implications.
  3. Facebook only owns up to what it has done when it has been caught.
That's why I can't figure out why everyone is so surprised.

Remember, organizations - large and small, no matter the industry, sector or locale - are built in their leaders' images.  The people within follow what they believe they see their leader doing, turn it into what their leader wants - and then execute it themselves.

Facebook's PR department - or wherever this originated - has, in its own odd way, behaved perfectly.

It has performed exactly in Mark Zuckerberg's image...with no respect for anyone or anything else's privacy at all.


TechCrunch has done an excellent job on this story.  Here's their three-part series:

Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under the Sordid Bus (Check out the URL on this one - it's hysterical!)