Google, Gays and Social Responsibility

(This article was first published on Technorati.)

If you know anything about Google, you know that their hiring process is one of the most challenging on the planet.  On purpose.

They need that level of differentiation among and within their staff to make sure that they keep doing what they're doing better than anyone else.  And more besides.

Which means, from a purely pragmatic perspective, that the less they discriminate based on anything other than talent, the larger the talent pool from which they can choose and the greater their success levels will continue to be over time.

That's why the "It Gets Better" Google Chrome television ad - with its nearly 900k views on YouTube (at the time of this writing) is so indicative of Google - and such an interesting commentary on the world.

Because the company has gotten an amazing level of pushback from tens of thousands of now former Google users who are saying - specifically because of Google's support for the Lesbian/Gay/Transgender (LGBT) population - that they won't use Google as their search engine any longer.

My answer to that?  Bing and Yahoo should - faster than fast - come out with statements - or videos - in support of Google's ad.

Because "corporate social responsibility" is more than pretty words.  It's a commitment on the part of organizations to do the most they can to help and support their own people as well as society as a whole.

And now, in this economy, with corporations and their incredible cash reserves doing more to determine the future of everyone's standard of living than ever before, it is even more incumbent upon companies to fulfill that obligation.

Good for Google stepping up in support of one of the last populations in the US which is actively and legally discriminated against.

And good for you in looking at your own hiring and promotion processes - no matter where you are on this earth - to make sure your HR policies support every person of every gender, creed and more to succeed.

Because then you'll succeed even more, too.