FedEx, Fred Smith and the Innovator's Challenge

Last week, FedEx - a bellweather stock for the global economy - raised its 2011 expectations to 2.9% from 2.6%.  They also announced that they expect 2012 to be even better than 2011 - and, as a result, are considering speeding up their planned Boeing 777 orders.

That's the second time this year they've raised expectations - and that's good news for FDX shareholders and the economy in general.

Yet the most important fact to remember about the company is that when Fred Smith, its founder and still Chairman and CEO, wrote up the business plan as a business class assignment, his professor told him it would never work.

That didn't stop him.  In 1971 he founded Federal Express and by 1973 the company was providing overnight deliveries to 25 cities in the United States.  A very few years later it was nationwide, profitable - and it never looked back.

Now, as the FedEx Corporation, it has over 300,000 employees worldwide and is so ubiquitous that it is a verb.

Fred Smith saw his vision clearly and he went for it.  It didn't matter that the "experts" told him it would never work.

All of which leads to one question:  Are you following your dream?

If you're not - start now.