How do you touch people's lives?

Dino de Laurentiis died today.  He was 91.

Mostly what de Laurentiis was known for was being an internationally renowned movie producer.  From Fellini's "La Strada" to "Serpico" he spent decades working with the best in his field world over.

But if you ask me who Dino de Laurentiis was I'd give you a different answer.

Because when I was a teenager, de Laurentiis opened up a European-style epicerie and brasserie that introduced me to new worlds.  He brought a particular piece of the European lifestyle he had left behind to Los Angeles.  In so doing, he created an interest, intrigue and openness to other parts of the world that had not been part of my life previously.

Not for any particular reason.  Just because it wasn't there.

As a result, in part, it is due to de Laurentiis that, when I finally took my first trip to Europe, I felt so at home.

He had already given me that part of his world.

This opens up a question for everyone to ask:  How do you touch people's lives?

Directly and indirectly, you're a touchpoint.  Whether it's with your employees directly or, because of your guidance and direction, the way they touch your customers' and users' lives, the given is that you're making that connection.

The question is whether you're leaving the legacy you want.

It's time to figure out the ways in which you and the decisions you make touch people.  When you do, you'll find that there are far more ways that what you're doing leads to others thriving and succeeding than you had thought.

Even better, you'll be able to see even more new windows into expanding your world.