Social Networks - Tracking and Profits

There are two important articles for you to look at...right away.

The first is about the new sFund set up by Kleiner Perkins (the iconic Silicon Valley venture firm) with an investment of $250m. Its investors include Amazon, Facebook and Zynga - so you know it's serious.

John Doerr (whom you know from my previous writings that I just about adore for his vision, business sense, courage and good manners) explains that social networking represents a third wave of disruption that the internet is causing. In his words, the internet is Web is shifting “from an old Internet of documents and sites to a new one that’s all about people and places and relationships.”

But if, for some reason, you're wondering whether social networking is taken seriously by the Big Boys, then take yourself to the second article about the new tool developed at Harvard for real-time tracking of public opinion.

It's already got clients the likes of Microsoft, HP and CNN - and you know that they don't play around with their reputations if they can possibly help it.

Like with any other strategy or tactic, the more you understand how others view social networking and the value it will help them create, the more you can build your own strategies and tactics to ensure you get a piece of what's out there.