Shifting Brand - Shifting Strategy

There's a fascinating audio downloadable documentary from BBC Radio about the challenges of the NAACP in 21st Century America.  It's a tale of a necessary shifting of brands and an associated shifting of strategy.

The problem for the organization, right now, is that it is in the midst of a process - moving from being a Civil Rights to a Human Rights organization - and has not created the internal consensus necessary to take the enterprise where it wants and needs to go.  The outcome is that their execution is inconsistent, at best.  At worst - and unless they figure out what to do - it will lead them to marginalizing themselves.

No matter what your thinking about either civil or human rights and their associated organizations, this is a good listen to see how organizations that don't keep on top of their brand and their strategy can so easily lose themselves - no matter how good their past performance or current product, service or intention.