And Then There's Organic Growth...

Yesterday I wrote about how bigger isn't necessarily better.  At the end of that post I talked about going back to the drawing board to ensure that the growth that you're planning is the growth you want.

If you want a poster child for exactly that, just look at Amazon.

As all of you who read me know, I am a years long fan of Jeff Bezos and the organization he created.  Through up times and down, the two components of which he has never lost sight - and which in his world are inextricably bound - are making the customer the center of everything (his customer-centric philosophy) and making sure the customer can get anything he or she wants from Amazon (thus, his growth strategy).

Bezos is the type of visionary executive organizations and industries need.  He saw an opportunity in an emerging technology and went for it.  In that process, he has never taken his eye off of his particular ball - always defined by his ever-growing yet ever-consistent vision.

Bravo Amazon and bravo to those companies who are looking at how Amazon does what it does so well.  It is often said that the best thing that any company can have is a smart competitor.  That's true - but only when you are willing to take an objective look at how they got where they're going and have been able to stay there.  Then you take what you need, adapt it to your own enterprise - and from small business to multi-national, you learn and grow.

It's a win all around.